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The Four-Second Catastrophe: How Boeing Doomed the 737 MAX

At the root of the company’s miscalculation was a flawed assumption that pilots could handle any malfunction

Almost as soon as the wheels of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 spun free from the runway March 10, the instruments in front of Capt. Yared Getachew went haywire.

The digital displays for altitude, airspeed and other basic information showed dramatically different readings from those in front of his co-pilot. The controls in Capt. Getachew’s hands started shaking to warn him the plane was climbing too steeply and was in imminent danger of falling from the sky.

Soon, a cascade of warning tones and colored lights and mechanical voices filled the cockpit. The pilots spoke in clipped bursts.

“Command!” Capt. Getachew called out twice, trying to activate the autopilot. Twice he got a warning horn.

Excerpt from WSJ

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The Multiple Problems, and Potential Fixes, With the Boeing 737 MAX

A look at the plans to correct the aircraft’s flight-control system that contributed to two fatal crashes and the plane’s grounding

Two fatal crashes of Boeing Co. BA 737 MAX exposed problems with the aircraft’s flight-control system, spurring aviation regulators to push for additional changes before the grounded plane can again fly with passengers.

Look at the problems and how Boeing plans to fix them.

Excerpt from WSJ

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Flood of New Jets Will Create Turbulence

Race to build smaller long-range planes could weigh on the aircraft-finance industry

After years of getting crowded with small planes and big planes, the skies are about to be invaded by medium-sized planes. The shift may delight airlines and flyers, but is starting to create problems for plane owners.

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Boeing Plans $5 Billion Charge to Compensate 737 MAX Customers

Plane maker says the funds will be paid to airlines over a number of years

Two crashes and the global grounding of Boeing’s 737 MAX commercial airliner led to extensive disruption in the international aerospace industry. WSJ’s Robert Wall explains the continuing effects of the plane’s grounding. Photo: Getty Images

Boeing Co. will set aside about $5 billion to compensate airlines that have suffered because of the prolonged grounding of the 737 MAX plane.

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