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Turnkey Airline Creation
Airport Planning
Airport Construction
Airport Infrastructure
Airport Management
Commercial Airplane Leasing
Airline Fleet and Business Jet Appraisals
Tourism Development
Market Analyses
Technical Services
Expert Witness Testimony for Legal and Regulatory Matters
Airline Bankruptcy Management


Airline Fleet Sale-Leaseback

  • Purchase of airline fleet or partial airplane fleet
  • Leaseback of airplanes to airline


Technical Services 

  • Aircraft appraisal and future value forecasts
  • Aircraft and technical records inspection 
  • Leasing market analysis 
  • Maintenance market analysis 
  • Aircraft market analysis 
  • Airline maintenance operations and facility assessments 
  • Technical aircraft monitoring 
  • Capital financing


Airline Fleet and Business Jet Appraisals

  • Commercial transport airplane appraisals
  • Business jet appraisals 
  • General aviation aircraft appraisals 
  • Helicopter appraisals 
  • Parts inventory appraisals 
  • Future value forecasting 
  • Ground equipment, terminal facilities, gates, airport slots and route rights



  • Airline restructuring and strategy assessments
  • Bankruptcy proceedings 
  • Governmental assistance 
  • Data research


Market Analyses 

  • Traffic forecasting
  • Competition assessments 
  • Logistics support planning 
  • Equipment and facilities capabilities 
  • Aircraft fleet planning and development


Airport Planning and Service Development 

  • Community needs and concerns
  • Airline operating requirements 
  • Capacity constraints 
  • Hub and spoke schedule design 
  • Impact of size on competitive strength 
  • Regulatory framework 
  • Traffic forecasting


Airport Construction 

  • Tarmac and Tarmac facilities
  • Electric Power Generating Stations
  • Control Tower and Air Traffic Control Systems  
  • Terminal buildings with airline accommodations and retail concessions 
  • Hanger facilities 
  • Cargo Villages  
  • Fuel Farms 
  • Emergency Response Equipment facilities
  • Airport Management and Staffing upon request


Airport Infrastructure 

  • Electric and Water Grid systems
  • Airport road, elevated road construction, and lighting  
  • Road overpass tunnels and Bridges
  • Information systems
  • Light Rail and corresponding infrastructure
  • Passenger and business accommodations
  • Parking facilities
  • Airport security measures and fencing
  • Water Effluent grid system and treatment facility 
  • Industrial/commercial landscaping


Airport Management 

  • Complete airport operations 
  • Airport security
  • Air traffic control
  • Ground crew operations
  • Airline gates and hangers
  • Tarmac and terminal fire department 
  • Retail concessions 
  • Fuel farm operations
  • Tarmac and terminal maintenance 


Commercial Airplane Leasing 

  • Airline fleet expansion
  • Aircraft leasing
  • Engine leasing   


Tourism Development

  • Master planning for expansion opportunities
  • Regulatory framework 
  • Route validation and traffic demand studies 
  • Development plans 
  • Competitive studies


Turnkey Airline Creation

  • Introduction to financing sources 
  • System route planning 
  • Strategic business planning 
  • Market studies and feasibility evaluations 
  • Assistance with regulatory filings and "fitness" proceedings 
  • Facilities planning and development 
  • Employee recruitment and training schedules 


Airline Bankruptcy Management 

  • Independent and realistic assessments 
  • Determination of asset values 
  • Guidance for airline restructuring plans 
  • Management of distress sales 


Expert Witness Testimony for Legal and Regulatory

  • Support for government filings
  • Consults with tax authorities
  • Testimony in court proceedings
  • Opinion and support for bilateral agreements
  • Route rights and service expansion
  • Assistance in developing international negotiating strategies



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