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Debut of Volocopter’s electric-powered air cab is drowned out by roaring jets and helicopters at air-industry bazaar

Air-taxi startup Volocopter announced that it hopes to carry passengers with its VoloCity aircraft during the Paris Olympics. But will the company get its aircraft certified in time? WSJ’s George Downs explores. Photo Illustration: Derryl Barnes

LE BOURGET, France—One of the hottest new aircraft is having a muted debut at the world’s premier aviation showcase.

Turns out, it’s too quiet.

Executives at Volocopter, the German developer of a flying taxi it hopes will ferry visitors around the City of Light at next year’s Summer Olympics, showcased a prototype of the aircraft here at this year’s Paris Air Show.

But this is a thunderously loud trade fair, where screeching jet fighters, thumping attack helicopters and roaring airliners turn heads and interrupt conversations.

Excerpt from WSJ
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