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It is looking like Emirates Airline will need most if not all its A380s after all, opening an opportunity for investors in an obscure corner of the London stock market.

Emirates Airline has gradually brought mothballed Airbus A380s back into service.

The Airbus decrease; red down pointing triangle A380, the white elephant of the skies, could be getting a new lease on life. Among its merits: Unlike the Boeing BA 0.75%increase; green up pointing triangle 777X, it already exists.

One of the best-performing stocks in London in 2022, having more than doubled, is a tiny company that owned a single asset: one of the Airbus A380s in the Emirates Airline fleet. Most of the gains came in July, when the Dubai-based carrier agreed to buy the plane for about £25 million, equivalent to about $30 million, once its lease expired. The deal, which closed the week before Christmas, massively improved the expected liquidation value of the investment company, called Doric Nimrod Air One DNA 3.23%increase; green up pointing triangle (ticker: DNA).

By extension, the deal also lifted expectations of two sister vehicles, Doric Nimrod Air Two DNA2 0.47%increase; green up pointing triangle and Doric Nimrod Air Three DNA3 0.87%increase; green up pointing triangle, which between them own 11 Airbus A380s leased to Emirates on contracts that start to expire next October. Among the investors who spotted an opportunity is Elliott Management, which has disclosed stakes of roughly 11% and 14% in DNA2 and DNA3, respectively, as well as a 6% stake in a more complex vehicle, Amedeo Air Four Plus, which owns A380s as well as other planes leased to Thai Airways.

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