Where were the acerbic, scathing employees when MCAS was designed?

A Boeing 737 MAX in Renton, Wash., Dec. 16, 2019. PHOTO: LINDSEY WASSON/REUTERS
The latest crop of Boeing emails is a torment to the company in its struggle to get the 737 MAX into the air, but a secret that should not be a secret is that all of corporate America, not just Boeing, lives these days by employing creative, freethinking people who spout off acerbically, critically and colorfully in electronic messages.

Think of the Sony emails leaked by presumed North Korean hackers. My own corporate overlords in the media business have lived in this world longer than most. When a General Mills executive was hired to cut costs at the Los Angeles Times in 1995, the newsroom immediately dubbed him the “cereal killer.” The executive was philosophical. After all, his new company employed too many sardonic, highly verbal people to expect anything else.

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