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Airbus A350 deliveries are also delayed due to shortages of cabin equipment, such as seats and toilets. There are at least six A350s parked and awaiting delivery in Toulouse. Airbus delivered four A350s in the first quarter, while its target for 2016 is more than 50 deliveries. The manufacturer intends to deliver approximately 650 airplanes this year and forecast that hopes to sell 700 new ones. So far, the A350 problem has not reached the same level as 787 delivery delays that strained Boeing’s finances, but the Airbus Group is expected to report a larger than usual seasonal outflow of cash in the first quarter due to comercial jet delays and problems with the A400M military airplane. One analyst predicts a cash drain of €3.2 billion in the first quarter, and a 23 percent drop in operating profit.

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