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The Year 2015 Was by Far the Safest Year on Record judged by the number of fatal accidents and it was the fifth safest year ever in terms of fatalities. This comes even though traffic boomed and the jet fleet grew by approximately 1,200 new airplanes. There were 16 fatal airliner accidents that killed 560 people according to the Aviation Safety Network (ASN). The year was marred by several high profile accidents, including the intentional crash of Germanwings Flight 9525. The Airbus A320 crashed in France on March 25, when the pilot apparently committed suicide by flying the plane into the ground, also killing the other 149 people on board. The worst accident of the year happened on October 31 when a Metrojet Airbus A321 was allegedly destroyed by a bomb over the Sinai Desert, and 224 passengers and crew were killed. Seven of the 16 accidents involved passenger flights. These were the only two fatal accidents involving jet airliners. The rest were regional turboprops, with the exception of the crash of one A400M during a test flight. Three of the turboprops were an ATR 42, an ATR 72 and an Antonov An-12 cargo plane. The other 10 were 19-seat or smaller commuter aircraft. ICAO estimated that there were 34 million flights worldwide and the fatal accident rate is one per 4,857,000 passenger flights. ASN President Harro Ranter said, “Since 1997, the average number of airliner accidents has shown a steady and persistent decline, for a great deal thanks to the continuing safety-driven efforts by international aviation organizations such as ICAO, IATA, Flight Safety Foundation and the aviation industry.”

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