Airbus has a growing backlog of undelivered passenger jets crowding the tarmac outside its factories, which is putting pressure on its cash generation this year. More than two dozen A320neos are waiting for Pratt & Whitney engines to be installed, and some plane spotters say that Airbus is running out of room. Only five NEOs have been delivered and several airlines announced delays in taking their planes. Qatar Airways is so angry that it is talking about cancelling its whole order for 50 A320neos and replacing them with 737NGs immediately and 737 MAXs later. 

Aviation analysts say that the problem could tie up around €1 billion ($1.14 billion) in cash this year. Boeing had the same problem with its early model 787s several years ago and is only now finding customers to take the planes. Airbus declined to comment except to say it remained confident of meeting its published delivery targets. Further, the output of the company’s assembly lines is not being disrupted, which means more engineless A320s in the near future.

Adding to its woes, several Airbus customers officially took delivery of A320ceo Family aircraft but the planes were flown to Spain for storage.

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