Airbus Increased its Average List Prices by 1.1 Percent across its product line. The new prices came into effect on January 1, 2016. The price increase was calculated according to Airbus’ standard escalation formula over the January 2015 to January 2016 period and takes into account the drop in materials and commo-dities prices. John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers, said, “Our new 2016 price increase reflects the strong appetite from customers around the globe for Airbus’ comprehensive, modern and innovative product range. We see demand for our aircraft contin-uing to grow across all size categories as our reliable, efficient product line enables custo-mers to grow their businesses profitably as well as being favored by passengers who want to travel in the most comfortable cabins.” Airbus has sold 16,307 aircraft to more than 380 customers worldwide, and 9,520 aircraft have been delivered.

Airbus Aircraft 2016 Average List Prices in Millions.

A318 $75.1, A319 $89.6, A319neo $98.5,

A320 $98.0, A320neo $107.3, A321 $114.9,

A321neo $125.7, A330-200 $231.5,

A330-800 $252.3, A330-200F $234.7,

A330-300 $256.4, A330-900 $287.7,

A350-800 $272.4, A350-900 $308.1,

A350-1000 $355.7, A380-800 $432.6

The prices depend on design weights, engine choices and level of selected customisation.

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